Event Planning
Corporate event planned by All in the Details. Greenville NC Wedding planned by All in the Details. Greenville NC Social event planned by All in the Details. Greenville NC

Welcome to All in the Details, Greenville, North Carolina's premier event planning company. With over 15 years of event planning experience, let us put our skills to use and help you in the planning and coordination of your next event.

Image shows registration table at fund-raising event planned by All in the Details in Greenville NC

How do you know if this service is for you?

All in the Details event planning services include private parties, family events, weddings, corporate meetings, company events (picnics, open houses, seminars, conferences, and annual meetings)--wherever and whenever people gather. Our clients are not only here in Greenville, but throughout beautiful Eastern North Carolina.

While putting together a great event may seem simple by definition, think about the many steps that are involved once you decide to plan an event:

  1. What is your purpose? Social, wedding, fundraiser, educational, holiday, product launch, employee recognition, etc.
  2. Location selection
  3. Food and Drink
  4. Decorations
  5. Invitations
  6. Entertainment
  7. Budget
  8. Staff and/or volunteers
  9. on and on and on......

If you choose to hold, host, or chair an event, you are in some ways choosing to put your life and other responsibilities on hold until that event is complete. You know if I'm talking about you... you don't want your name to be associated with something unsuccessful which is why, although not always willingly, you go through such effort to create a successful event. But on the day of the event and after all of your hard work, you will have to trust the look on the others faces to judge if the event was a success as you will be too busy handling last minute details and putting out any potential fires to enjoy the event yourself. Additionally, guess who's cleaning up after everyone goes home? You know it!

Image shows wedding chairs at wedding planned by All in the Details in Greenville NC

On the other side, you might be on the other end of this spectrum--the task of planning an event has been assigned to you and the mere thought of putting together anything from a birthday party for 10 to the company picnic for 200 causes you to break out in hives, freeze completely, and spend far too much time and energy searching for someone else who can do this for you and end your personal nightmare.

If you are one of the two people above or one of the many people who has great ideas and intentions, just little time to implement and devote 100% of their time into the event, keep reading and rest assured that All in the Details is here for you!