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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a wedding or event planner?

My of our clients did not know how much help they needed until we got started.  It is hard to know all the questions to ask.  If you are feeling overwhelmed at all, a planner can remove much of that stress and overwhelm so you can enjoy the process of planning your wedding or event; and equally importantly, enjoy the day! As our client, you will receive counsel, feedback, information and as much assistance as needed throughout the planning process and at your event.

If I use your service, does that mean I can only work with certain vendors?

Absolutely not! One of the benefits of working with all in the details company is that we create a plan that works for you. If you know where you want your event and have selected your DJ, yet you need help with the food & beverage and rental equipment; we will be happy to both work with the vendors already selected as well as make recommendations for companies that can assist with the remainder of the needs. The good news: we will do the research for you before recommending anyone: are they available on your day, are they within your price range, and is what you need available.

My budget is already tight - can I afford a wedding planner or an event planner?

While this is an additional expense in your overall budget, it is well worth it. Price is determined by what you need - our services will help you with the planning of the event and peace of mind, so it is probably worth the cost.  Plus, it may be more affordable than you think as we will tweak our packages to meet your needs.  Working with a planner can in some cases save you money as tried and true savings ideas will be presented.  Your time is worth a lot. You are not a professional Wedding/Event planner, and the planning will take up a lot of your time, often becoming a full time job. 

My company has an admin that plans all of our events. Why should we hire an event planner when they are already in place?

The responsibility of planning meetings and events tends to rest on the shoulders of someone who already has full time commitments. This will stretch them thin and often take a toll on the success of the event and of their day-to-day tasks. Hiring someone who excels and focuses completely on event planning will make your events more successful and allow your employees to concentrate on their daily tasks.

If we need help with meeting planning, can you provide administrative support? 

If your event requires copies of manuals/handouts, event registration services, and assistance with items such as evaluations, we are here to help. Simply let us know those services are requested during our consultation and we'll go from there.

Can you recommend vendors?

As a part of our services as your event planner, all in the details will recommend vendors that we have already vetted.  We can find the right vendors to meet your need and your budget.

What if we only need help with certain parts of our event? 

When we meet, simply let us know with what parts of your event you need assistance.  We can help with vendor research and selection.  We can help you with all of the last minute details that often get overlooked.  We can be your point person on the day of your event.  We can do as much or as little as your event needs. 

How much will an event planner cost?

As each event is priced based on what you need, the fees depend on the services requested. But, no matter what the cost, hiring a planner to coordinate and implement your event is less expensive than hiring new full or part time staff to handle this responsibility.

Do you offer any discounts? 

The staff of all in the details are very thankful for our military members.  We offer discounts to all members of the military, active and veterans.  Please let us know of your service before we create your contract. 

OK – I admit I need help.  Now what?

We can be the one constant throughout the planning process.  We know the pieces of the puzzle and the
questions to ask.  We will be looking out for you and the best interests of your event.  
Consultations are FREE.  
Let's sit down and chat about how we can help you plan and execute your event. 

Are consultations free?

all in the details will meet with you at your convenience for a free consultation with no obligation to you.
Contact us here to make your appointment.


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